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Hi, I'm quite new and I'm sorry for my question, but I have a concern about modeling the input/output.

I need to model a 50 MW Solar PV. But in the database one of the available data from ecoinvent is only the "photovoltaic plant, 570kWp, multi-Si, on open ground"

What is the best way to fit it into my study? Should I create a new process and multiply the 570kWp input and output to get a model of 50 MW or I can just edit the output of the 570kWp and increase its value to meet the 50 MW?

I think it's simply scaling the output flow, but I was thinking if you scale it up sometimes the data is not linear, so how do you deal with that?
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Hi, I would agree with you in that the 50 MW plant should not be created by a simple linear upscaling, unless you are really certain that this is justified. It could be justified if the larger plant is simply several times the smaller plant, but that seems not very likely. So, ideally, you can collect own, specific data for your case.