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I used tags inside each process of different stages in LCA study but results showed are zero. See figure

I do not understand what is converted dataset which sum an amount which is not in the results without tags.

Again settings (mac version) does not work and if I set 2 decimals it does not work. The MacOS is Sonoma and onpeLCA is version 2.0.2

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Well Apple thinks of course always what Apple users need ;) If you cannot change settings then tags are probably not activated, in preferences you need to set 'enable contributions by tags in result views'

(and save this of course).

This procedure


does not work for you (not changing memory but changing the settings in experimental topics)?

I would further recommend to use openLCA 2.0.3.

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I followed the procedure you suggested, but it does not work. Tags show only zeros.

see figure

and I do not know what is the converted dataset.

Under openLCA menu the settings is not available.

In the meantime I installed version 2.0.3.