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I'm relatively new to openLCA and currently, I am using the software to estimate the life cycle emissions of DC Charging Station for EVs. I want to model energy during use-phase of the charging station in terms of energy consumed by EV battery and charging losses. I have equations to calculate these terms theoretically. My questions is: How can I set up energy consumed and energy lost using flows in openLCA?

Any input would be appreciated :)
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hello, i am actually looking for the same thing. Did you find any soltuion ?

i'll be grateful for your help.
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So, very simply: energy delivered is the product, energy input in the charging station is input and lower than output? Difference between input and output energy are the losses? You can calculate the dfference if you have a formula that describes these losses. You can even enter the formula in openLCA. You can add waste heat to close the energy balance.
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well the heat waste will just disappear I assume, you will not have waste treatment for this. I would not put only the device in the input but energy delivered by the device as outpt, the energy needed by the device as input, plus the device (as a tiny amount, considering how much energy in total the device will be delivering, over its entire life. And waste heat will just be an elementary flow output.