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I have merged the two databases EcoInvent and ÖKOBAUDAT for my accounting in order to be able to calculate with processes and flows from both databases. Unfortunately, when calculating the results (method: DIN EN 15804+A2) for processes from ÖKOBAUDAT, the total GWP is not divided into GWP fossil and GWP bio as is possible with EcoInvent. On the ÖKOBAUDAT database website, however, the emission factors are given for GWP fossil and GWP bio. Is it somehow possible to display the results from flows/processes from ÖKOBAUDAT in openLCA in GWP fossil and GWP bio? (Unfortunately, the ÖKOBAUDAT support team was unable to help me) 

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Hi savineor,

The Ökobaudat DB from Nexus was published in October 2018. EN 15804+A2 did not yet exist (October 2019). So, it is not possible to use the EN 15804+A2 indicators.