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Hi all,

In v1 of openLCA it was possible to export product systems (not the results) to excel. This would output a folder with three files, one of which was the product flows. This was a single sheet with a reduced A matrix of the foreground system.

This is super useful for teaching LCA as I can easily debug a student's model without having them output all of their processes and flows and me spend time digging into each.

Has this feature gone away in v2? If so, please, please bring it back!!

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Hi Mik,

a you probably refer to the matrix export - that is still there and with many more options:

you get access to this when a product system is open.

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OK, when I work with system processes, e.g. in the ecoinvent LCI database, then I see more like the previous results that I saw.

I'll need to think about how to work with students.