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I am very new in openlca, I want to use ecoinvent database in openlca, I have in total 6 .zolca files of ecoinvent 3.9, which one should I use? In case that I need to use multiple .zolca at one time, should I merge them into one database at openlca? The name of the .zolca files are:

1. ecoinvent_391_consequential_lci.zolca

2. ecoinvent_391_consequential_upr.zolca

3. ecoinvent_391_consequential_upr_regionalized.zolca

4. ecoinvent_391_cutoff_lci.zolca

5. ecoinvent_391_cutoff_upr.zolca

6. ecoinvent_391_cutoff_upr_regionalized.zolca
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These are the different system models of ecoinvent (cut-off etc.), UPR are unit processes, LCI system processes, regionalised: we provide more locations to processes and flows than ecoinvent (which is more correct IMO but deviates from the eoinvent original implentation).

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