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Dear All,

Sorry I'm not well-versed in the ecoinvent database

I am trying to compare my model with a cradle-to-grave using primary info and compare it to other sources in MWh/year.

Now I came across electricity production in kWh say (electricity production, coal) can I use this to compare to my model? Under the description it says

But my C2Grave Solar model contains raw materials (PV manufacturing and processing of silicone extraction) when I compared the results it appeared that my C2Grave has more impact. Has anyone tried to compare their C2Grave model to ecoinvent databases?

Also, the quantitative reference of this process flow is kWh, this is per day, year? I'm quite confused on this one.

I hope someone can advise me.

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Hi, I agree this sounds somewhat confusing but the infrastructure and coal e.g. is listed as input into this dataset and therefore you will have raw material extraction in the supply chain of this dataset, and thus you can compare it with your system.

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Hello, thank you for your input. Sorry again for the question on the quantitative reference. The KWh what exactly does it mean? My data C2G is solar power with my current impact categories my FU is MWh/year (using primary information) can I simply compare it to the 1000 kWh of the electricity production, hard coal?

I got confused with the kWh per what? (per day, per year) sorry for asking this question.