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I have two providers for a process e.g.

steel production, converter, unalloyed | steel, unalloyed | EN15804, U and

steel production, converter, unalloyed | steel, unalloyed | Cutoff, S

The first one is from the new EN15804 add on and the second one is from the Ecoinvent 3.9.1

All the general information are exaclty the same and both of them are Systems even though the first one has the U characterization.

What is the actual difference?
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Well the EN15804 process is definitely not a system process?

edit, in reflection of the comment: in the database we release on Nexus, there are only these two processes with this name, both are unit processes:

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The EN15804 database and processes are able to calculate the non-LCIA indicators required by EN15804, ecoinvent as such is not. Thank you.