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I started using the impact assessment method 15804+A2 from the new 15804 add on for Ecoinvent 3.9.1.

I making an EPD for a fire resistant door so I used many different providers for many flows for A1-D modules.

I noticed that for all the providers I calculated, the waste indicators have always negative values.

Is that normal? I always use Cutoff System providers for my flows.

Thank you
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Hello Giannis,

The cutoff database, and the en15804 database are not the same. You cannot use the EN15804 LCIA method with cutoff processes. If you have the EN15804 add-on, you need to download the EN15804 U and EN15804 LCI database from nexus, and use these processes instead. This will give you results on the categories specific to EN15804.

Best of luck.