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Dear all, I try to create a product system based on data in ecoinvent 3.7.1. The problem is that I have to adopt some data from the Product Environmental Footprints (PEF) database. 

However, it turned out that the impact method never works out. Data from PEF rely on the Environmental Footprint (Mid-point indicator) method, but this method is not working for data in ecoinvent. 

Any ideas? Sorry that I am just a beginner.....

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You are right, this is not an issue of openLCA however, but of the PEF database, which is designed and meant to be used in a silo, without connection to other databases, and with its own reference data system and LCIA method. For this reason, there is the EF3 adapted LCIA method which fits then for other databases (which is of course not the officially released version from the EC but modified).
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Thank you so much for the clarification! I tried that and unfortunately, it never worked out...

The world would be easier if the databases can be freely cross-used in OpenLCA. Haha.