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Dear openlca team,

Hi, I am not sure if I did it right. I have created a elementary flow first, and then I put the emission factor in "charaterization factor". And then I copied this piece to IPCC 2021 that I prefer to use.Is there any other way to do it? Because I have realized that when I calculating results after I finished the assessment, emission related to this emission factor did not show at the sankey diagram, which means even though it was calculated, there was no analysis to it.

Looking forward to you reply,


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Hi, I am not fully sure I understand your question, but if you have a new elementary flow to add to your system, then

1, check if this is really needed (and the database and method and impact category you plan to use does not already contain one that fits)

2, create the flow

3, add it to the impact category or categories you want, with the characterisation factor

4, add the flow to the processes where it fits.

Does this cover your question?

All the best,

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I might have done something. I have calculated an EF from scratch, but when running calculations I have no impact assessment but just a simple result that also turns to be negative. I donĀ“t know if i made myself clear haha. Guess would be easier if I could show you some ss.
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