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Hi, How can I update emission factors in OpenLCA?

I need to update the emission factor for medium voltage electricity from a polish energy grid to a Danish energy grid emission factor and also update a transport emission factor. I have already found both emission factors in the ecoinvent database, but I cannot seem to find anywhere where I can update them.

Your help is very much appreciated!


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Hello Isabella,

Where do you need to update the emissions? If it is in an existing unit process that currently draws on Polish electricity, you can alter the supplier of electricity to be from Danish electricity, rather than Polish. This would be under input/output, under the process' provide column.

If you are not talking about a process, but about an emission factor, it gets more tricky. The emission depends on the LCIA method you apply. If you want a customized LCIA method, you can create a new one, or update an existing one under Indicators and parameters in the navigation pane.

Lastly, if you just want the electricity from the danish grid to have a new emission factor, you can always make a new process with no input, and an output of XX kg CO2 to air per kWh electricity. This way you can match it to another EF, if that is what you want.

I hope this helps, good luck.