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I had calculated allocation factors for my process in the allocation tab. When I wanted to make some changes in the economic values and recalculate them all allocation factors turned to 0 (for all allocation methods) and I cannot calculate new ones. Does anyone have a solution for this problem? (I have already tried to restart program, update Java etc.)

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Which openLCA version are you using? The factor calculation is really stable, it does not work if formula in the process are incorrect e.g. I would recommend to check that (validate the database or the process where you are working on).

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Hej Andreas

Here is a follow up question. Why do I have to mark the output of heat as an avoided product for it to calculate the emissions factors? If I unbox it and try to calculate the emissions factors, they are all zero. I looked at my co-workers computer and it doesn't work this way in his OpenLCA with a similar process? It feels weird mixing system expansion and allocation, but perhaps there is an answer to this?