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Hi, I have a problem with the allocation of impacts in a multi-output process.

I am just learning how to do this and I realised that when I do physical allocation for two outputs, in the impact evaluation the values are identical.

The process I am doing is an exercise proposed in that link: Exercise page 8 , but the interpretation of results does not make sense to me with what is sought with the allocation.

The exercise is as follows:

A process has as output 1 kWh of electricity and as co-product 1.5 kWh of heat. The input is 0.27 kg carbon/kWh. The total CO2 emissions are 1.01955 kg CO2 per kWh.

(What I am looking for is to calculate the environmental impact of the process under physical allocation for 1 kWh of each product)

(This is it what I did)

I first did the process set-up leaving electricity as the reference flow and calculating the allocation values. Then I make a process system.

Then I did the same as above but with heat as the reference flow.

Then I did a project where I compare the impacts of 1 kWh of each system to check if the allocation was done, but I see that the impact values are the same.

Please, could you help me with this?

Method: ReCiPe 2016 Midpoint H 

Database: Agribalyse 3

Output flows were created by me

Allocation: Physical

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