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there is something about the economic/physical allocation that I don't understand and would appreciate any insights or tips. I'm using 1.9.0 (with Agribalyse,ILCD and AgriFoot) and I’m creating processes and flows from scratch. I have a multioutput process  with a main product and 2 co-products. I want to see how LCIA results change applying physical or economic allocation but I got the same results! I have added an economic flow property to each product flow (using "market price") and they all have the same *reference property* (Mass). I have created the Project and in Compared product systems I drag and drop 2 times my Product system, so 2 options with the different Allocation method set. Why I got the same results? Is there something I'm doing wrong?

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You do not do something wrong, if you do not have prices for the product then the phyiscal amount is used for the economic allocation.
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EDIT I got it! I have to add the prices in the column Costs/revenues for the outputs in the Process. Now it works. is it right?