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I am using a model with a system process in my database which has been written in its general description:

 "The output flow can be connected to the most convenient process based on the users system .The data set covers all relevant process steps / technologies over the supply chain of the represented gate to gate inventory with a good overall data quality".

And in its technology description has been written:

 " No allocation has been applied between 2 main output flows"  

My questions:

1- which approach I can model with using this system process? ALCA/or CLCA?  since it has ability to connect means there is not terminated system process? please make clear for me if somebody knows?

2- can I make allocation my self to focus on one output flow as main product for modeling an Attributional approach (ALCA)? and how? because in manual i can not find an understandable example in case of doing allocation at system process.

Thank you in advance.
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