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I want to do allocation for a multi functional process in openLCA. As I read in Ecoinvent ,there is guideline how to move a material for treat (MFT) to input side of activities producing them with a negative sign,I would like to know if is it the same in openLCA too ?or not?

Thank you in advance.
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If you have a multiufunctional waste treatment process, you do not need to follow this older EcoSpold 1 approach (double negative modeling of flows for waste treatment), since we have since some time waste flows that can be modeled just as the physical flow goes.

For allocation modeling in detail, openLCA offers more possibilities than most other LCA software, this is explained in the handbook (openlca.org website, http://www.openlca.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/02/openLCA_1.10_User-Manual.pdf).
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Its really good mentioning Andreas, Thanks a lot . But  If I have a system process in my database as a main process in my  modeling (e.g. Anaerobic fermentation) and at the system process description is written : The output flow fermentation residues can be connected to the most convenient process based on the users system. The recommendation is that this material can be disponed on the soil for fertilizing or conditioning process, does it mean this is half terminated system process? if yes how can I make allocation for this output flow?
And the main question : is this system process ALCA? OR CLCA? because the  atributionalLCA is mostly with allocation  can apply.I want to make sure if even in such system process can allocation be done?
thanks again .