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I am having difficulty in adding inputs (diesel and electricity) for my material production.
I want to include diesel and electricity as an input (since the machine uses these two). However, I cannot seem to find these flows in any of the database, what should i do?

Also, what should I do if I want to include a "Waste Water" in the output?
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Hello Jae,

I dont know which database you are using, but for EcoInvent there are definitely flows for both electricity and diesel. You should be aware that production of diesel is only production, and diesel burned in X machinery includes the burning of diesel for mechanical energy.

If you want to include wastewater, add the flow for wastewater and choose an appropriate waste management provider. There are several processes for this in EcoInvent, but I dont know about other databases.

Let me know if you need examples from EcoInvent. If you are using another database, im sorry i could not be of more help.

Good luck.
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Of course. The process is as follows:

In your process, navigate to the inputs/outputs tab.
In the inputs, add the following flows:
Electricity, medium voltage. (You can also use low voltage, or high voltage)
Diesel burned in building machine (Or agricultural machine, or diesel burned in electricity generating set, depending on what most closely matches your technology)

Choose a provider for each flow, in the provider column. This could be
- market for medium voltage
- diesel burned in building machine

As for the wastewater, add a wastewater flow to the outputs. There are several wastewater flows, depending on the source of the flow, and the content in the wastewater. Consider which type suits you best. Finally pick af supplier for the wastewater.
An example of this can be the flow: Wastewater, average. The supplier can then be treatment of wastewater, average, waste water treatment.
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