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Hello OpenLCA Community, 

I have observed that the weighted results in the openLCA LCIA Methods 2.4.2 lack units (e.g. points or millipoints). The normalised results assume they are dimensionless. 

The second issue is that the results are presented as single-scores, yet the results per damage area are missing. It is unclear how to add them up as they do not have the same nomenclature as the ecoinvent methods (where the latter for openlca do not have N&W values).

I have also read in a forum answer that the values are the weighting percentages multiplied by 1000. However, this information is not provided elsewhere, and I am unsure about using these impact results.

I am leaving this doubt because the results leave uncertainty about their comparative value if, for example, I calculate the same under the same conditions in other software.

I hope you can help me with this, best regards!

unit problem example - 1 kg diesel - ReCiPe Endpoint (H) World H/A

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I think the unit is Pt.