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Dear OpenLCA team,

I am currently using the ecoinvent v3.3 LCIA method ReCiPe Endpoint H,A. I notice that there is a factor 10 between some CFs related to agricultural landuse impacts, for rather similar flows. For example :

 occupation, annual crop, irrigated, extensive : 0.45... points/m2*a

occupation, annual crop, non-irrigated, extensive : 0.045.. points/m2*a

You may find this factor 10 difference in several similar cases when comparing close elementary flows, both in agricultural land occupation and in urban land occupation, as well as in the other ReCiPe endpoint methods (I,A) and (E,A)

Incidentally when you look at the same CFs but expressed in species.yr/m2*a in the openLCA LCIA methods set, you can't find this factor 10 difference.

Therefore I'm a bit puzzled : is there a discrepency in the datasets or do I miss a methodological point that justifies such figures ?

It seems to be a very important question when you consider the environmental profile of biosourced materials such as timber for construction.

Thanks a lot for your replies.

Best regards,

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