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Hello dears,

I am having a trouble understanding the meaning of "Land transformation" in Ecoinvent.

Let's say that we have a quarry that produce 300000000 kg of a product per year. The quarry area is 10000 m2. The lifespan of the quarry is 13 years.
so, if we need to calculate the land transformation amount for 1kg product, the right calculation is:

  •  "land transformation, from" = 10000/300000000  ?
  •   or "land transformation, from" = 10000/(300000000*13)  ?

Thanks in advance.


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As you also wrote in the tags, this links to both land transformation and land occupation: The quarry occupies 10'm2 to produce 300' t/a -> this is occupation. Since it is operated for 13 years, you have also to model land transformation, 10'm2/13*300' t gives you the transformation per product amount. Strictly speaking, you even need to model transformation from (e.g., forest) to (maybe industrial site), and then after closure from industrial site to what you assume the quarry becomes.
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Dear Andreas,
Thank you.