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Hi, I want to change database folder in OpenLCA 2.2.

I referred to this example How to change the folder in which openLCA saves databases? - ask.openLCA - Question and Answer (Q&A) on Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) - A Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) Community

It is normal in version 2.1.1, but invalid in version 2.2.

So how to change database folder in OpenLCA 2.2?


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Hi Liucj,

I was able to change the data directory of openLCA 2.2.0.SNAPSHOT on Windows, following the answer you mentioned.

Please, make sure to do the following:

  • create the new data folder and quit openLCA before modifying the openLCA.ini file,
  • the addition to the .ini file should be right after en (or any other language ID).
Could you maybe describe, why it is invalid? Nothing is displayed in openLCA Navigator? openLCA shows an error?
If you are using macOS, I can check if it works as well.
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Thank you~ I found that I used the wrong folder location. After I modified the hard drive symbol, the previous database appeared.