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How to change the default folder in which openLCA saves databases?
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The recent versios of openLCA save databases under


To change this navigate to the folder in which the openLCA.exe file lies. Open the file openLCA.ini in the same folder with a text editor. Below the line en add the following two lines of which the second line is the file path to the new folder (make sure you copied the databases from the original folder into the new folder).


Save and start openLCA.

Backup your openLCA.ini before applying changes! Don't delete the original folder before you assured that the new folder has been set-up correctly (create a test database and check whether it shows up in the new folder)!

Example for an updated openLCA.ini:



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Is there any way to download an earlier version of openLCA? I only see v1.10.3 on the website.