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How do I import a database (or datasets) into openLCA?
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Download a database or datasets (preferably from http://nexus.openlca.org/).

Option 1 (for databases only) - Open openLCA and richt-click into the navigation bar and select restore database (works only with *.zolca files). Each databse restore will result in a seperate database in the openLCA navigation window. For *. zolca files, this option 1 is quicker than option 2.

Option 2 - Open openLCA and richt-click into the navigation bar and select new database. Insert a database name and select a database type as well as database content and finish. Right-click on the database and click on import. Navigate through the import dialogue.

Validate a database

Upon importing a database (or datasets) you may want to validate your database to assure that all interlinkages within a database are set correctly: https://ask.openlca.org/18/how-to-validate-a-database-in-openlca

Please note that databases can be quite large (several GB). Depending on the configuration of your PC you may want to change the location of your openLCA databases https://ask.openlca.org/20/how-to-change-the-folder-in-which-openlca-saves-databases

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I have purchased the ecoinvent from nexus, is it correct to use the option 1 to import the the lci processes and then the option 2 to import the unit processes inside the previously imported one?