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Hi, I installed the open LCA sofeware(openLCA 1.7 Installer: 64-bit ) successfully. I also downloaded various free database from the open LCA website. But when I opened a new database, I just could not import any database. Could you please take a look and guide me how to solve this issue? Thank you very mych!

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Hi RayHe, your question is somewhat unspecific. Could you explain in more detail what yu've tried and edit your question accordingly. You may also want to read this answer: https://ask.openlca.org/607/how-do-i-import-a-database-or-datasets-into-openlca?show=607#q607

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If you just want to use the downloaded database in openLCA, select `Restore database` from the `Database` menu or the context menu of the navigation panel. If you want to import it into another database (which needs to be the currently active database), you can use the `Import` function from the `File` menu or the context menu of the database in the navigation panel and then select `Import entire database`.