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Hello!, today i downloaded ecoinvent 3.9 consequential (was using 3.8 consequential), and i also downloaded ecoinvent 2.1.1 (was using 2.0.2), and after the restore database, export and import of my work, and i cant make it run, when i try to use direct calculation for a process in the new (3.9) or old (3.8) database it just shuts down, i tried restarting my computer, reinstalling openlca, and im thinking in just deleting all the installed database and upload the last backup that i did. the log doesnt have much information
Any ideas on how to fix this?. Thanks!

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I assume the linking of your system does not allow the direct calculation then. You can check the linking properties, and as a fallback use the tradtional calculation by first making a product system and then calculating this. As long as your database is valid, so I recommend you check this too.
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thats what happened!, it was a linking problem, thanks!