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I am trying to model a DAC (carbon capture) unit in open LCA. The output of this process is captured co2. Following this I have another 'refinery' process which uses this captured co2.

I am unable to model this 'captured co2'. If I put co2 emissions to air as an output (with negative values), then I am unable to use this as a provider in the next process. Also if i create a custom flow, then ofcourse openLCA does not realise that I am as a matter of fact, capturing co2.  

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Anyone has experience in modelling carbon capture with openLCA ?

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Good question, there is at present  black & white distinction between elementary flows and product/waste flows. If a flow is an elementary flow, it cannot be used to link processes (as this would contradict ISO). Way out for you: you can model the emitted CO2 as waste, create a new flow for this, and make the capturing process a waste treatment process. I hope this is clear?

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Yes, it does not come from any previous technical process but directly from the atmosphere.  

Keeping this in mind, do you have an idea of how I can model this atmospheric carbon capture and get negative emissions? I just tried putting an elementary flow with a negative amount but for some reason that does not solve the problem.