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I recently read the PDF on energy indicators "Calculation of energy indicators in MJ, LHVs: An addition to the CED LCIA method" available here: http://www.openlca.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/Calculation-of-energy-indicators-in-MJ-LHVs.pdf

Thanks for developing this documentation. This was helpful to our team.

I would have one question though regarding LHV for wood products. The lower heating value of hard wood is around 18.5-19.5 MJ/kg. For softwood it is 13.3 MJ/kg for standing wood. So roughly between 10 and 20 MJ/kg.

 For the flow name, "Wood, soft, US SE, standing/m³", we have 13,16 MJ/. but in 1 m³ there is at least 400 kg of wood => 400x13,16.

From what I have seen, the only value that makes sense to me is the "Wood, soft, INW, standing/m³" with 6235 MJ/m³ (page 19). But to me, it is not possible to have such a difference in values for just different types of wood.

Page 20, we have "Wood, soft, US PNW, standing/m³" 12.38 MJ/m³. which is not 6000.

 Could you please explain to me if I miss something here! 


Thanks in advance!

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Hi, "Wood, soft, US SE, standing/m³" should have the unit MJ/kg. We are fixing this! Thanks for keeping you eyes open.

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the openLCA LCIA method package 1.5.7 and the documentation have been updated.
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Wonderful! Thanks Jonas.