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Dear all,

I am experiencing a problem with the Impact assessment method CED. I have installed the method in Open LCA 1.6.1 and it seems to work for my calculations although when I check the method it is not possible for me to see the different flows. All flows in the list are marked as Resource/unspecified or resource in ground etc. But then there are different factors and units which make the method work somehow. Please see image attached.

Any suggestion is highly appreciated.

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Hi Sofia,
I edited your post title - this was a bug in openLCA 1.6.1 and is fixed in 1.6.3 and 1.7 (for any method but also for CED); the recommendation would thus be to update openLCA.
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Thank you! I have now installed v 1.6.3. and seems to work.
What are the differences in v1.7? Will there be a final version soon?

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