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I`m trying to model a simple concrete wall with EPS-insulation and cenmentious plaster.
I am using the GaBi database and found corresponing datasets. See the picture of the graph attached.

When I expand the graph for the plaster, I find a process called "Besam Automatic Revolving Door".
Why do you need a revolving door when producing cementious plaster? (picture also attached)

It could be a bug of the database, but the same probleme occurs in the dataset for the wood fibre insulation board. That` s why I think it`s either my mistake or a bug in the software.

Could you please help me?

Things that did not work:
-deleting the process and selcting the same provider again (revolving door is there again)
- closing/opening openLCA (revolving door is there again)
- creating an other process with any other product (there is no revolving door)
-checkinh the inputs/outputs of the flow (only "chemicals" no door, as it should be)
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Hi Franziska,
first, welcome! For the database, you should use the GaBi database from Nexus which I think you did not do? Then, with GaBi, you should not use the autocomplete option when creating a product system but rather model the connections manually.
I`m a little bit old-fashioned maybe, but I normally proceed as fro suggests. That way I can check that each process is correct, complete, and connected to the appropriate providers before I move on.