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when creating a product system, I would like to know the best cut-off. are there any criteria to follow? I tried to make a comparison between a different range of cut-offs, in consequence,  the problem becomes more complex.
Deeply appreciate for a help
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Hi, good question. If you can "afford" it (in terms of computer memory) you could always leave the cut-off to 0. We made some tests with different cut-offs for the PSILCA database, please see here: https://nexus.openlca.org/ws/files/9062, pp 86. I paste some of the pictures below. You see that the actual cut-off which does not change the result depends a bit on the investigated system, and in addition I can tell it depends a lot on the database; for IO databases, applying a low cut-off typically has not so much effect as for process-based databases.

- feel free to report your results if you want!