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I would like to perform the Monte Carlo analysis in OpenLCA, I have a question on input data on the uncertainty distribution. In particular, I would like to know in which unit has to be reported the standard deviation, in the unit of the flow or in percentage (like in Gabi)?

And then I have another question, is it possible to performe a sentitivity analysis in OpenLCA to assess the most important parameters?

Thank you very much,

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Hi Simona,

1) When choosing an impact category for which you would like to display the results of the Monte Carlo Simulation, the unit is indicated on the right hand side. For flows, you have to check the respective flow property manually.

2) A tutorial on how to use parameter for sensitivity analysis is available on our website: http://www.openlca.org/learning/

I hope this helps.

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Hi Jonas,
thank you and sorry for the delay in answering, I had lost your reply.
Regarding the uncertainty of each parametr of a PS, I have understood that the standard deviation is in the same unit of the flow, and not in percentace %.
Regarding the sensitivity analysis, my model is full parameterized, but I don't know how to performe the sensitivity analysis to assess the processes or parameters that affect most the results.
I would like to identify the most influencing and carry out the monte carlo analysis only on these process/parameters,  since I have about 100 of them.
Thank you very much,