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Thanks Dear Ciroth for your reply, Actually I want to model a coal power plant with its upstream processes and change its efficiency to explore the effects of changing efficiency on environmental indexes. I would so glad if I could get your answer.

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Ah I see - then you can make a compilation of the "inventory" of the plant (oven, heat exchanger, transportation belts, ...) and the material and coal (and type and specific preparation of coal) that goes into the plant, other material is chemicals and water used in flue gas cleaning e.g., and the electricity and maybe heat produced, and the related emissions. You will need the life time of the components of the plant, and can then "allocate" the impacts caused by their production to the plant and its product (e.g., 1 kWh, and per 1kWh you need 1e-10 pieces of transportation belts e.g.). This will be of course a somewhat complicated process data set, but you can check e.g. in the ecoinvent unit process database how this can be done. Good luck!
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