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How should I do normalization and weighting set?

When I create a product system, then in the calculation properties tab, the normalization and weighting section is empty and there are no choices to select.

Thank you in advance for your supports.
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Dear Ehsan, not all LCIA methods support normalization and weighting. Check the LCIA methods first by opening a method and checking the tab "Normalization and weighting" at the botttom.

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Hello, JNS!

I did as you told, but my "Normalization and weightening" tab is also empty for the ILCD 2.0 2018 midpoint no LT (there is no normalization set for all of the ILCD methods I am interested in).

The import/restor went wrong or something? Or maybe, there is no normalization set for these methods. I am not sure if they are ready and free to download at Nexus.

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I also have the same problem, I try reinstallation but it still doesn't work.
Have You got any solution?

Thank you in advance for supports,