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I am using a certain flow for aluminium AlMg3 that comes from Aluminium alloy production, AlMg3. However, this process does not consider any recycled content, and I am unsure of how to model a certain percentage of recycled content in production of AlMg3. Will I need to replicate the process using all the same inputs, include some amount of secondary aluminum, and reduce the amount of primary aluminium?

Thanks, -Joe
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Well, sounds like a plausible simple and straightforward solution to me. I would also suggest to create a copy of the process in order not to mess up your background data.

Depending on the exact objective of what you are doing, you may also want to use allocation or system expansion. However, as written above i think you approach does the job.
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If you are using a system process-based database, the answer is you cannot (as far as I know). You need the unit process.