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I want to import my ecoinvent database, but i dont have a zolca file. I olny have a cutoff folder with very much SPOLD-files in it. I can only import them one by one. How can i import the complete database or where do i get the ecoinvent zolca file from?


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From where exactly did you get the folder? That would help to precisely understand your problem and to answer your question.
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I have downloaded it direct from the ecoinvent page, so not from the downloads of openLCA nexus.

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The version of ecoinvent from the ecoinvent website is not fully compatible with openLCA. To obtain an openLCA-compatible version of ecoinvent you must get ecoinvent from https://nexus.openlca.org/. If you already have an ecoinvent license, you are entitled for the "For licence owners" license which is heavily discounted.

I hope this helps.