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I am seeking to clarify the difference between APOS and Cut-Off datasets. I have read through the EcoInvent online material but am finding the jargon used in the explanations tough to understand.

I have created a project comparing Waste PET parameter across APOS (U) and Cut-Off (U) product systems. The cut-off (U) decreases for Ionizing Radiation Impact, whereas the APOS (U) decreases for Terrestrial Ecotoxicity Impacts, otherwise they remain equal in all other impacts.

I am unable to describe why this is happening. Cut-off is using `burden free` recyclable materials and by-products? But why is that affecting these specific impacts?

Thank you for help!
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Hi, I`ll try:
- cut-off is probably not too difficult to understand, any recyclates used in a system come without any burden from their previous life.
- APOS needs some more thoughts, it introduces the burden from the previous life at the point where the recyclate is used
This change can of course influence results.
Hope this helps?
Best wishes
Thank you for your help Andreas! Extremely appreciated.