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I downloaded the NREL LCI database (National_Renewable_Energy_Laboratory_USLCI) in JSON format, as a Zip, and decompressed it. When I try to import it (New Database > Processes > Import > EcoSpold > Choose Directory, it just opens the file (which contains subfolders "currencies", "processes", "dq_systems", "locations", "actors"... etc., which contain the JSON files, and I am thus not able to click Next (it's greyed out).

I also tried importing the .zip file but it is greyed out when I go to choose the directory.

How do I import the NREL LCI database?

Appreciate any help on this!
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Dowload the NREL database from https://www.lcacommons.gov/lca-collaboration/National_Renewable_Energy_Laboratory/USLCI/datasets as JSON-LD file. Create a new empty database and import the JSON-LD file (ZIP-FILE without prior unpacking!; select JSON-LD import).

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It worked!  20222 update! What you have to do is to choose the folder containing the .zip file and not the .zip file directly. Afterwards it will be displayed in the windows below which file you want to choose and here you will select the .zip file.