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I downloaded the NREL LCI database (National_Renewable_Energy_Laboratory_USLCI) in JSON format, as a Zip, and decompressed it. When I try to import it (New Database > Processes > Import > EcoSpold > Choose Directory, it just opens the file (which contains subfolders "currencies", "processes", "dq_systems", "locations", "actors"... etc., which contain the JSON files, and I am thus not able to click Next (it's greyed out).

I also tried importing the .zip file but it is greyed out when I go to choose the directory.

How do I import the NREL LCI database?

Appreciate any help on this!
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Dowload the NREL database from https://www.lcacommons.gov/lca-collaboration/National_Renewable_Energy_Laboratory/USLCI/datasets as JSON-LD file. Create a new empty database and import the JSON-LD file (ZIP-FILE without prior unpacking!; select JSON-LD import).

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I am having the same issue.  Did you get this resolved?