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I have read multiple Q&A's and read the OpenLCA resources. 

Here's the database: https://quartzproject.org/q

The files are apparently in the format (excel and JSON) that OpenLCA can import, however...

EXCEL: I can import it but I cannot find any of the data to be able to use it. 

JSON: Open LCA cannot find the file to import (I have also moved the files from downloads to my desktop and re-zipped the files). 

What's going on? How can I use the Quartz database?

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Hello and welcome - not sure if this is meant seriously, but

The files are apparently in the format (excel and JSON) that OpenLCA can import

this is as if saying the file is in XML format therefore it should be imported in any software that can import any XML format (EcoSpold, ILCD, EcoSpold2, to use only LCA format versions of XML...). openLCA supports JSON-LD (not JSON) in a defined structure, and expects the excel in a given structure for processes as well.

The files in the quartz database are more like EPDs (environmental product declarations) though, fully aggregated up to the LCIA result. We could prepare them but it is a bit of manual effort. Maybe you can contact us directly?

Thank you and best wishes,


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Hi Andreas,

It is a serious question. OK that makes sense. Is there an excel template available to see if  the data from Quartz could be put in the right layout?