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I have a flow that I want to put in a product system. It is the output of two processes I've created, where the "default provider" process is now obsolete. I keep trying to delete this obsolete process but get the error message "selected element can't be deleted because it is used in other data sets. See the usage view to see where it is used."  I don't see a usage view in the processes, only in the flows (which this is not referring to). Is there a usage view somewhere in the process menus? I'd really like to delete this process so my downstream flow can default to a different process. How can I remove this conflict so the process can be removed?
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I am nor a hundred percent sure what you mean. You can right-click on a process and select Usage. This should show you where the process is used (typically a product system or project).

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That's what I needed. I did not understand the "usage" option in the navigation pane. Was looking in the editor windows for usage (like there is for Flows). I was able to see the usage and delete the item.  I think what gets me in trouble is when I create a new process or product system from the editor windows. Doing it this way allows you to name the process, but not organize where it get's located and so can get lost in the shuffle of the DB background files.  I think the best workaround for this is to select new processes and product system in the navigation pane so I can decide up front where they are being stored. It's not quite a convenient at the editor window, but the editor does not seem to give you the option of where to file the new component. Thanks!!