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If I have a Product System in one DB (say Ecoinvent) and a second Product System in another DB (say USLCI), can I compare the two product systems if I have Traci loaded in both DBs or do I have to somehow merge the DBs to do a project comparison? Just had to use USLCI for one of my products since the data was not available in Ecoinvent. Secondly, can you copy a process from one DB to another? Attempting this now but not having success.

That's all for today. Anyone who can provide timely responses to any of my questions will be my Open LCA hero.
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You cannot combine two product systems within one project if they are not in the same database. Of course you can still save the results and compare them outside of openLCA. In addition, you could export and import the product systems into the same database. In order not to mess up the databases on which you are working, I would recommend to create a new empty database for this and import both product systems (use JSON-LD file format).

I hope this helps.
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Probably this has either to do with provider linking or with compatibility issues of the LCIA method (method doesn't capture the right flows).


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