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When importing zolca files into the active database in OpenLCA, i noticed that the cutoff files for a few processes are not getting imported while the APOS are. What could be the reason for that?

I have tried re-importing a few times and the same thing happens. And I have also checked this at the ecoinvent database that both cutoff and APOS exist for the process that I am trying to import.

However, when I import into a new database the cutoff files get imported. However for me to use the new database i would end up remodeling the entire product life cycle from scratch cause of one process and i would hope that is my last option.
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In the zolca import, elements with UUIDs that already exist in a database (for processes or also for flows, units, ...) are not imported. In the JSON-LD import, you can specify if you want to overwrite, overwrite only newer, or not import.

In your case, the result thus depends on the database you import into. Why do you need to import a zolca file or "remodel everything from scratch"?