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installed openLCA 1.10.3

downloaded USDA_1901009.zolca and ELCD_bottles.zolca

opened Database Import -- From exported Zolca-File

both the zolca files (present in the DOWNLOADS) are NOT detected for the import


is it due to any incompatibility?
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Hello, I recently installed open LCA 1.11.0 on my win10 system (64 bit) and followed the instrcutions through your first tutorial video. When I try to "Restore Database" and search for the recently downloaded file "AGRIBALYSE v3.0." in my download list, the *.zolca file is not showing. However, if I search via Explorer, it is there.

So I assume, that I fall for the same issue.

Any advice for a beginner?

Thank you.
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*.zolca files appear now in my explorer.

However I do not exactly know what triggered it. What I did was reinstall OpenLCA on my Laptop as Admin for every User. Maybe that did the trick.

Kind regards.
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The dialogue is not too perfect, you first select the folder, then in the next step the file, and you do not see the file in the first step. That's it typically..