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Hi, I appreciate the great product that openLCA is and the work that has gone into it. This is a feature that I would find really helpful, just in case there's a chance of it being considered for future development.

When creating a product system, there is the very useful option to "auto-link" processes and to either "ignore", "prefer" or "only" link to default providers. The "prefer" option is my favourite most of the time as "only" linking to default providers might miss things but the default provider will usually be most appropriate and best not "ignored".

There is also the option to prefer either "unit" or "system" processes. My understanding is that this only applies if there isn't a default provider already selected (or we've chosen to ignore them). This is very sensible.

However, an amazing feature would be the option to use the "unit process" default for the first X steps from the main process but then the equivalent "system process" to that default for the inputs to these. This would (if using a database with unit and system processes like Ecoinvent) make the cut-off unnecessary.

I guess it would require that the "system process" equivalent to a "unit process" was identifiable to openLCA, and appreciate this would not be trivial. But it would be SO helpful!
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Thank you, for both your feedback and your input! I agree that the current system vs unit process check is less valuable than it could be; it was historically the first option we had before the introduction of providers, back in ecoinvent 2 days. Ideally we would need to have a generic process with one or several "child processes" which are unit process and one or several aggregated processes, aggregated following different procedures, which are selected based on linking requirements. It is not a too quick change though (effort about 10 days or so, so the equivalent of one single user commercial LCA software license). If anyone sees a possibility to fund this development, we'd be thrilled! Let us know..
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Thanks Andreas! And, again, I really appreciate the amazing tool that you have all made available and continue to develop. I can't think of a route at moment but if I do come across a possibility that could fund this, I'll be in touch.