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Dear openLCA forum,

I am modelling a computer and I am partly using Ecoinvent processes to model some components. In order to model the recycling of the computer I need to know the content of each functionally recyclable material, and moreover - how much of them that was primary and secondary in the first place. The Ecoinvent processes don`t allow me to see how much material that is in the final product(s)/components (available for recycling) - only the elementary flows of each material, which in turn is only caused by the primary inputs If I`ve understood the Ecoinvent datasets correctly. There are simply too many components to do these calculations by hand so therefore I have tried to estimate the content of each material in the product by comparing elementary flow inputs with the (primary) inputs of material into some different components according to the Ecoinvent reports but this doesn`t seem to me much closer to good approximations. Does anyone have experience/advice/ideas on a good way of estimating material content available for recycling (and furthermore ratios of primary and secondary material in the product)? It would be very much appreciated! Thanks in advance!

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