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I am modelling a textile process which has input of raw materials, chemicals, energy and water, after the process the water goes to wastewater treatment plant with unfixed chemicals. I will include wastewater treatment process in the mentioned textile process card. I assumed all of the water I included in the process card goes to wastewater treatment process. My question is if I included water, for example 100 L tap water and use the ecoinvent dataset of tap water, then how can I link this tap water amount with the wastewater treatment process. I will use ecoinvent dataset for wastewater treatment process. If I do not make link then, I think it will be double counting. Please advise me how can I avoid this double counting.
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Hi, not sure I understand, there are several possibilities, but modeling this strictly according to ecoinvent you will need to add "waste water treatment" with -100l on the input side, and tap water with 100l on the input side as well. The negative sign ensures that you do not spoil your mass balance, although it is not really intuitive I admit.
Hi ,Andres,
I am not sure what approaches I should follow that you said.