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Hello openLCA users,

I am working with EF_secondarydata_201908 database and EF LCIA method and I am trying to create an LCA of a cleaning product. I have all the inputs, but I wonder how to model the waste part. One output flow would be waste from the packaging of the cleaning product, but another one must be wastewater, right?  

I have found 2 possible flows. 

One is called "Water (waste water, untreated)" but it does not have any provider - how can that be used then? 

Or there is a flow called "Waste water (in)" which has a provider called "Wastewater input dummy GLO" which I  suppose is just a general household wastewater? 

I would appreciate any tips or advice. 

Thanks in advance and have a nice day everyone!


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I also don't understand how to model waste water with the PEF database. I don't understand, why can't I choose a provider?

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