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I face an issue since OpenLCA1.9.0. When I try to get a report from the project section, I just have a blank screen, nothing inside. The calculation seems to occur (the progress bar is moving).

All looks to run well until this operation, I had some appropriate reports with eldest version of OpenLCA.

What should I do ? Do anyone else have this issue ?

Thanks to help ;)


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I didn't uninstall Version 1.7 and 1.9. Could it be related with my report issue ?

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This happened to me too. Try this steps:

- First, you have to save the project.

- Second, the problem may be due to low RAM memory.
So, if you have many indicators like (Acidification, Europhication, GWP, Human toxicity, etc) , try to choose one or two indicators only at maximum.

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This happens if openLCA has not sufficient memory. You can (as the other answer suggests) make the project calculation less demanding, or you can allocate more memory to openLCA (and should leave e.g. 2GB for other things for your computer), in the preferences.

See here how to find out how much memory your computer has:


In addition, there was some issue with the user interface, which then led to a blank screen. We fixed this now in version 1.10.