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i'm using openLCA 1.10.3. I'm doing the tutorial "water bottle". All is good before point 7.2. When I press the button 'Report', the Report viewer is empty. I checked all similar questions herein, but that didn't help. I allocated more memory to openLCA, changed the LCIA method, used only one Impact category, uninstall openLCA 1.10.3 and install it new, tried older versions, but it is always the same issue.

Do anyone else have this issue ?

Best regards

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In the meanwhile, you can export the report and read it on a browser. It works for me that way.

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Hi Tim,

yes that can happen if a firewall or other security directive prevents start of the built-in browser that is used for the report. Sorry for the inconvenience, this will be fixed in a new release.

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