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I did the steps for calculating the impacts but the results are empty not zero in the report section), I am using exiobase. Is anyone know what should I check and change to get the number for the results?

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Hi, not entirely sure what you mean by "empty not zero" - what kind of LCIA method are you using as exiobase does not fit to the normal, process-related LCIA methods. Did you select LCIA results when configuring the report?

Edited after your comment (thank you): for exiobase, only some few LCIA methods are suited which are provided with the database; ILCD/PEF is none of them. The other methods do not recognise the elementary flows and thus do not obtain results.
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Hi Andreas, Thankyou for responding my question!

There is no number in the result part. For example (in the picture with links below), there is no number in the impact but when I click it the emissions are there.


  I chose Impacts ILCD/PEF recommendation v1.09. I am using exiodatabase to get spesific data from a country (Indonesia). Do you have any suggestion what LCIA method I should use?